A Liturgical Pentecostal suggests a return to catechism

Simon Chan, a systematic theologian and leader in the Assemblies of God denomination, has been called “the world’s most liturgically minded Pentecostal.” He said the following in an interview with Christianity Today

We need to rediscover this ancient word, catechism. In a way, it is very straightforward. Its purpose is to help people become the body of Christ and be incorporated into the church. And I don’t think that the modern church can improve very much on what has already been given: the creeds, the great commandments, the Lord’s Prayer. Those are the basic things that help the church develop its identity as the church of Jesus Christ. We can certainly add other training programs, but I think the catechism should be central to any training of disciples.

“Now, the traditional approach was rote learning, asking questions and memorizing the responses. That may not be the most useful approach now, although it’s surprising how some of those things we learn by rote stick at the back of our minds for a lifetime.”  (Emphasis added.)

Read the full interview at http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2007/june/11.48.html .


2 responses to “A Liturgical Pentecostal suggests a return to catechism

  1. Alex Jones preceded Chan and went to the logical conclusion by becoming Roman Catholic bringing with him most of his family and about 50 – 60 members of his former congregation. His story is told in his book, No Price To High.

    As a former Pentecostal minister converted to Rome myself, I appreciated his story. He began looking for the authentic apostolic church and eventually found it in the Roman Catholic Church.


  2. Ricardo Mesa

    With all due respect Owen, saying that return to Rome is the logical conclusion implies another conclusion; that the Protestant reformation was illogical. We Anglicans believe that Cramner, among others, paid the highest price for the sake of truth known among us as the via media.