This just in: If you endorse Giuliani, you go to hell posted an article about the backlash against Pat Robertson following the religious broadcaster’s endorsement of the not-so-socially-conservative Rudy Giuliani.

Some people are so ticked off at the Christian Coalition founder, they’ve made Roberston’s endorsement of Giuliani into a matter of heaven and hell. reported in part:

Wiley Drake, former vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, said Robertson sold out the pro-family community. Drake encouraged people to call the Christian Broadcast Network “and let them know that until Pat Robertson repents and comes back to the Lord, we will not listen to The 700 Club and we will not make any donations to The 700 Club.”

Does that mean Giuliani is the Devil? 

Fortunately, Michael Cromartie, director of the Evangelicals and Civic Life Program at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, brought some sanity to at least one of the article’s topics: “[Robertson] is not taken seriously. For the religious conservative movement, it has moved on. Mr. Robertson is important only as a curiosity to the mainstream media. I don’t know anybody in the evangelical [movement] who is sitting around saying ‘I am going to wait for what Pat does.’”

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