But what kind of Christian are you?

WATERLOO, ON. — If you identify yourself as Christian, what kind of Christian are you? That’s the question being asked by researchers in an online survey designed to give participants personalized insight into their faith.
   The Rev. Marsha Cutting of the Waterloo Lutheran Seminary heads a team of researchers from Wilfrid Laurier University, Liberty University and Boston University in developing the research instrument, called the Inclusive Christian Scale.

   After responding to questions about their faith, participants will receive a score showing where their beliefs lie across six different emphases that an individual Christian might have: Congregational Involvement, Evangelical, Christian Conservative, Golden Rule, Activist, and Mystical. Participants are then asked how accurately they feel these scores reflect their own understanding of their faith.

    “We need to have a good instrument that accurately represents the people we’re trying to study,” said Cutting, an associate professor of pastoral care and counselling at Laurier. “Our research on religion and its relationship to other issues is undercut if we can’t do a good job of defining who is religious.”

   Researchers hope to attract participants representing different ages, genders and ethnicities. Those interested in participating can visit www.religiosityscalesproject.com.

   The instrument being tested in the study will be used in research that examines how religion relates to specific subjects such as health, prejudice or voting behaviour.

   The Inclusive Christian Scale is the second part of the larger Religiosity Scales Project. It is designed to address the limitations of previous scales, which tended to be more conservative in nature and didn’t accurately capture the full range of Christian faith.

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2 responses to “But what kind of Christian are you?

  1. I have Google set to send me email when it finds references to the Golden Rule, which is what led me to your article.

    I hadn’t seen this study and, while I’m not sure it’s any better than similar tools to determine “who is religious”, I did get a 97% on the Golden Rule so it can’t be all bad.

    David Keating
    Golden Rule Radical


  2. John Zolotoff

    I was raised in a not too religious family, so I didn’t really know anything about being a Christian until I met my future wife. I was 21 years old at that time. She was 19 yrs old. We were married at her church, confirmed and started to attend church with her. We have been married 56 years this coming August 15th. The last 30 years We have been active in our church. Sometimes it escapes me if I am really a christian. How would you rate me?