WALL-E: A parent’s short review

I took my daughters, ages 8, 6, and almost 3, to see Disney’s WALL-E at the first show today here in Myrtle Beach.

QUICK SHOT: See it. The animation is incredible, the story is strong, and the humor has broad appeal. My only concern was related to the two-year-old — the nice sound system at our Cinemark theater made for some very loud moments for very little ears.

SYNOPSIS (no spoilers): WALL-E is a robot that cleans up an extremely littered, and abandoned, Earth; he falls in love with a probe robot that arrives one day with a mission to find… something. Any further and I’m afraid I’ll spoil a surprise.

MESSAGES: Within a good story, and without being preachy, WALL-E addresses three issues: (1) Human irresponsibility with natural resources, and (2) our tendency these days to be stuck in front of computer screens instead of real things, which leads to (3) our national trend toward obesity. I should probably add to that a (4), which would be, a basic hope that we can do better with our natural resources.

NONSENSE: Robots don’t have emotions. At least not yet.

Seen it? What are your thoughts? Comment on this post.

-Colin Foote Burch, member, Society of Professional Journalists; affiliate member, Religion Newswriters Association

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