God misses opportunity to spank U.S. for Obama, Middle-East Peace Process

There’s a fellow named Sid Roth who runs a ministry called “Messianic Vision,” and he recently had author John McTernan as a guest on his “It’s Supernatural!” program. (See the video here.) McTernan has written a book arguing that each time the United States has taken a stand that was unfavorable to the modern state of Israel, God has sent us Americans either a stock-market crash or a hurricane or some other problem.

So image my surprise when Hurricane Paloma battered Cuba and then veered off into the Atlantic.

It didn’t hit Florida. It didn’t lathe its way up the East Coast or smack into the Gulf.

But it should have.

At the time, Condoleezza Rice was in the Middle East, trying to bolster the “Peace Process.”

Furthermore, it was only days after Barak Obama was elected president, and Roth’s constituency (like many neo-conservatives) would insist that Obama is not a supporter of Israel — or at least that our new president is too willing to negotiate with Israel’s opponents.

Two American-born affronts to Israel were happening simultaneously.

And God let that hurricane go off into ocean.

What a missed opportunity. God already had a hurricane, right there, and he could have turned it into another Hurricane Andrew and plowed it into Florida.

I wonder if McTernan considered examples of tough times in America when no U.S. policies or diplomatic efforts were attacking Israel.

In my English 101 class, I teach students about argumentative fallacies, including “card-stacking,” in which a person is guilty of using selective evidence to make his or her case.

Of course, I’ve used selective evidence to make my case against McTernan’s position. Maybe Hurricane Paloma was an example of God giving us just one pass.

So those of you who have money in the stock market, and those of you who live in Florida or on the Gulf Coast — you’d better look out. Obama will be sworn-in on January 20.

-Colin Foote Burch

2 responses to “God misses opportunity to spank U.S. for Obama, Middle-East Peace Process

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  2. wow…the above comment is so weird that I won’t even attempt a reasonable post. I’ll just tell you what I was thinking next time I see you in church…