Clinton ‘too much of a Calvinist’

A poll indicated that 37 percent of American women thought former President Bill Clinton should be a “house husband” now that his wife is Secretary of State.

This morning, CNN aired portions of John Roberts’s interview with Clinton.

John Roberts: Would you ever be comfortable being a house husband?

Clinton: No, I have to go to work. I’m too much of a Calvinist. If I don’t work every day, I get nervous.


8 responses to “Clinton ‘too much of a Calvinist’

  1. Is this a contemporary Calvinist way of thinking?


  2. I always thought Clinton was more of a Luthern – you know Sin Boldly!


  3. Maybe he’s a Baptist, they don’t recognize one another in ‘gentlemen’s’ clubs and liquor stores.


  4. @ JFaucett,

    Hey, I recognize all my buddies at the liquor store, even when they wear those groucho glasses :-}

    Maybe I’m not a “good” baptist?

    If desire to work is a measure of one’s soteriology, then I’m a Pelagian, or a Universalist.


  5. Uhmm I think , what he meant is, instead of Calvinist, he meant “Calvin and Hobbs”.. Always got into trouble..


  6. And everybody knows that house husbands/wives don’t actually work.


  7. With apologies to Brooke Shields: Nothing gets between him and his Calvin…ism.