Unusual charity: PimpThisBum.com

I saw a segment on CNN’s American Morning about PimpThisBum.com, an unusual way to help the homeless.

The founders of the Web site decided to pick one homeless person and feature him on their Web site. Folks could go online and purchase various food items, clothing, and grooming services for the guy.

Now, the first “bum” has turned his life around, and the site is focusing on a second homeless man.

Check out the site, and then ask yourself:

Could we do something like this in the Wilmington, N.C. / Myrtle Beach, S.C. / Charleston, S.C. areas?

One response to “Unusual charity: PimpThisBum.com

  1. Debbie Storm

    this site is not what you think. all the funds i highly doubt are going to the participants (homeless) and they also like to insult the donors randomly. some are being held highly, maybe they donated more …who knows, but the site owner likes to diagnose the donors with mental illnesses, site owner is Sean Dolan. i don’t think he is a dr.