The Episcopal Book Club, circa 1980: Harry Blamires and Malcolm Muggeridge

Here’s some historical trivia for ya: In 1980, one of the selections of The Episcopal Book Club was Where Do We Stand? An Examination of the Christian’s Position in the Modern World by Harry Blamires.

Blamires, a former student and later friend of C.S. Lewis, is an Anglican theologian, novelist, and literary critic. He’s 93 years old.

The foreword to Where Do We Stand? was written by Malcolm Muggeridge, Britain’s reigning acerbic wit for decades — and an adult convert to Roman Catholic Christianity. He died in 1990.

In that forward, Muggeridge wrote, “As an experienced and discerning teacher, Mr. Blamires understands with particular clarity how barren and desolate is a mind self-restricted to mental data; how meager is the range of a pilgrim confined to Time, with no concept or sight of Eternity; how paltry is a vision that ends on the horizon. He sees and explains — helped thereto by the fortunate chance of having been a pupil and later a friend of C.S. Lewis — that the very vocabulary of our time is a devil’s jargon, leading us to suppose that out of our earthly will can come heavenly dispositions, that here on earth our total destiny is worked out, that the clocks ticking on turn Now into Always.”

What a great selection for The Episcopal Book Club, way back 30 years ago.


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