How and why community plays a role in interpreting the Bible

Here’s a good quotation that explains how and why a church is a community that interprets biblical texts:

“Evidence in legal cases must be interpreted, as must the evidence for historians, literary critics, and so on. Even the results of scientific experiments must be interpreted before they can be employed to support hypotheses. For this reason one can rightly say that something like faith is an ingredient in all forms of knowledge, for all human knowledge presupposes certain skills or abilities on the part of knowers. People acquire these abilities in the course of becoming part of the community of historians, or literary critics, or whatever community is involved. In a similiar way, the community of faith tries to help new members gain the ability to see certain kinds of truth.” — C. Stephen Evans, professor of philosophy at Baylor University, in his book Why Believe? Reason and Mystery as Pointers to God

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