Advent and the value of the church calendar

From Ryan Hamm’s guest post at Brett McCracken’s blog:

I knew what Advent was, because we lived in Austria and even my non-denom (but mostly Baptist) church celebrated it. I never thought of it as a “Catholic” thing, as I’ve heard it called in the States—instead, it seemed like a way to stretch out the observance of Christmas an extra few weeks, which was fine with me, mostly because singing Christmas carols never seemed as laborious as normal church songs (this is still true).

It was a subtle, but meaningful shift when I began to learn about the church calendar. I saw how our everyday lives were, in fact, framed by a way of thinking that meant more than eight hours of work. And the church calendar instructed me that each part of life was savored and used, not discarded in favor of something more palatable.

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