ALBUM REVIEW: Hugh Laurie – “Let Them Talk” (via Hear! Hear!)

You know I liked Hugh Laurie as House, MD. Now, apparently, he’s awesome at the blues, too. (Pardon the strong language in the review.)

ALBUM REVIEW:  Hugh Laurie - "Let Them Talk" Year of the Album — #031 Hugh Laurie – “Let Them Talk” (2011, Warner Bros. Records)  From the opening notes of “St. James Infirmary,” it’s clear that Hugh Laurie is not fucking around with Let Them Talk, the British actor’s first foray into launching a music career. You might be prone to laugh, if it weren’t for Laurie’s impeccable chops as a bluesman. This is a serious attempt at bringing a great deal of New Orleans flair to the table, and Laur … Read More

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4 responses to “ALBUM REVIEW: Hugh Laurie – “Let Them Talk” (via Hear! Hear!)

  1. Thanks for the repost … and sorry too for the strong language 😉 I must have been channeling House’s persona as I wrote 😉


  2. Actually when I saw your name, “Burch,” and that you went to BYU, I thought my family might know you … we were active Mormons in Bloomington, and my father knew a man named Alan Burch. But being a liturgical site, I figured that was what you meant, that your readers might be bothered 😉


  3. Oh, that’s just a promo for an upcoming conference at BYU. I went to N.C. State for undergrad and then Queens University in Charlotte for grad. You are doing a lot of reviews on your site — I look forward to reading more!