‘You and me and Mel Gibson and our worst enemy, even when that last proves to be ourselves’

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Tony Woodlief offers an outstanding devotional at Image’s blog this morning.

An excerpt:

For all the garish bloodshed there is, therefore, a truthfulness at the heart of films as disparate as Mad Max and The Passion of the Christ and Edge of Darkness that makes them far less offensive to the spirit than a wide swath of romantic comedies peddling the lie that love bears no suffering.

I don’t know if Mel Gibson is evil or insane or just has the bad luck to be caught on record at his worst moments. I know if a camera caught me at my worst, I’d qualify for both evil and insane, and maybe this means that deep down I really am both, or too nearly there to merit parsing words to the contrary….

And this is the thing that keeps you sane, if you believe the story of Golgotha: that no matter what you are or what you will be, you are good enough, and you are loved.

Be sure to read the entire post.


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