Reflecting on Winehouse

Amy Winehouse at the Eurockéennes of 2007

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Paul Cantin on Amy Winehouse: “In just a few short years, she had become a tabloid-bait train wreck, catnip for tutt-tutting cultural commentators and those who pretend to be appalled by the very things to which they themselves are addicted (gossip and the suffering of others), even as they pass judgment on the havoc addiction wrecks in the lives of the people they disparage.”

Later in Cantin’s piece: “In the context of Winehouse’s death, listening to the Back To Black track ‘He Can Only Hold Her’ becomes a grim metaphor for the addiction she struggled with so publicly. ‘He can only hold her for so long/The lights are on, but no one’s home/She’s so vacant, her soul is taken.’ Listening to the record again yesterday and today, it’s clear that the thrill of Winehouse’s vocal style was in how little control she sometimes seemed to have over it (another metaphor?).”

Read Cantin’s Tears Dry on Their Own: RIP Amy Winehouse.


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