On meeting Caitlin Horrocks — from Liturgical Credo

This afternoon I briefly talked with Caitlin Horrocks after her reading at Coastal Carolina University.

Horrocks read “At The Zoo,” an incredible, multiple point-of-view short story from her collection This is Not Your City. I wonder if “At The Zoo” — with its fully rendered characters, humor, and heartbreak — is representative of the rest of the collection.

I’ll find out soon enough: I bought a copy of This Is Not Your City for her to sign, and I asked her about her favorite books on the craft of writing.

She said she doesn’t read as many books on craft as other writers, but she mentioned two favorites: Making Shapely Fiction by Jerome Stern (a great book I already have!) and Ron Carlson Writes A Story by (guess) Ron Carlson.

Horrocks was a generous and friendly person. I’m glad I got to meet her, and I wish her big successes.

You can buy these three books from Amazon right here.


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