Marcus Aurelius: Do you live in chaos or order?

“Either everything is a confused gathering and scattering of atoms, or else it is all a great unity and design. If the former, why am I so eager to go on living in such a swirling chaos? Why should I care about anything but how I will finally ‘return to the soil’? and why am I disturbed? For whatever I do, this scattering will come upon me as well. But if it is the other alternative, I am reverent, I am calm; I place my trust in that which governs all things.” — Marcus Aurelius, from Meditations

4 responses to “Marcus Aurelius: Do you live in chaos or order?

  1. I sit amazed in my ignorance. Atomic theory was being studied in 400 BC.


  2. Patricia Merrell

    That is what i was talking about. I am amazed that the atom was named in 430 BC… there is nothing new under the sun.


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