‘Middle-school bootleggers, Ugg-ly boots, and my career as a high-school smuggler’

From the latest Strange Days column:

This reminds me of my career as a high school smuggler.

Back in the days when the Miami Vice TV program ruled the United States, I went to a strict Baptist high school in Raleigh, N.C.

This was during the 1980s. While both law enforcement officials and popular entertainment were focused on illegal drugs, at my strict Baptist school, the contraband was different: rock-and-roll cassette tapes.

We had to smuggle our rock-and-roll cassettes if we wanted to share them with friends. We didn’t use boots. We smuggled our rock-and-roll music cassettes with the inside pockets of Members Only jackets and in the bottoms of duffle bags….

Find out what happens next here.


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