I Still Like U2’s ‘Pop’ — Part 2

Intransigence in all around
Military’s still in town
Armour plated suits and ties
Daddy just won’t say goodbye
Referee won’t blow the whistle.
God is good but will he listen?

From “Staring at the Sun,” on Pop (1997)

The Arab Spring happened a long time after “Staring at the Sun” was on the radio.

I still find it easy to think of current events, especially in the Middle East, when I hear the above excerpt.

Those two last lines reiterate what people have wondered for centuries about the meaning, or lack of meaning, in human suffering. “Referee won’t blow the whistle / God is good but will he listen?”

Sometimes, people go through things that just can’t be answered with that sappy poem “Footprints.”

The entire Pop album is full of these expressions of doubt (as well as faith), especially on songs like “If God Would Send His Angels” and “Wake Up Dead Man.”


2 responses to “I Still Like U2’s ‘Pop’ — Part 2

  1. “Please” is also quite relevant. Northern Ireland. A people and a government who have lost sight of what’s important.

    From Achtung Baby, you also have “Love is Blindness”… a haunting tune about loving something so much that you be come blinded by it and you’re willing to do anything to protect or keep it.


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