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Sam Adams parent company launches new cider nationwide on Monday

Angry Orchard ciders: Crisp Apple and Apple Ginger. At the 4th annual Myrtle Beach Beer Fest.



Photogallery of Greek iconographer working on Saint John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church in Myrtle Beach

Click here to see The Sun News‘ photogallery of an iconographer at work.

Proposed Ban on Words Assaults Reason and Life

The New York City Department of Education takes a big step toward censorship: Proposed Ban on Words Assaults Reason and Life.

Not an infallible Bible, but an infallible interpretation

Deutsch: Lutherbibel von 1534 English: Luther ...

Deutsch: Lutherbibel von 1534 English: Luther Bible, 1534 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jim Jones. David Koresh. More recently, a crazy couple in South Korea. Not to mention my own experiences growing up in fundamentalist Baptists schools and neo-Pentecostal churches.

Jones, Koresh, and the rest studied and applied the Scriptures — their unique interpretations of Scriptures.

In some minds, the uses and abuses of the Bible in our time strains its very credibility.

The Protestant Reformed view is that the Bible is infallible and inerrant.

But is the Protestant Reformed view of the Bible infallible and inerrant?

If the Protestant Reformed view of the Bible is infallible and inerrant, then something other than the Bible is infallible and inerrant — the point of view humans bring to the Bible can be infallible and inerrant, too.

Can the text be separated from its reader?

Who claims to have a perfect interpretation of the Scriptures?

If the Protestant Reformed view of the Bible is not infallible and inerrant, then the Protestant Reformed view of the Bible’s infallibility and inerrancy could be wrong, too.

If the Protestant Reformed view is infallible and inerrant to the extent that it corresponds to the Bible, then the position is circular: the interpretive tool is used to affirm itself.

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Better stand up!

A major – and I mean, huge – Australian study found that people who spend 11 hours each day sitting are 40 percent more likely to die during the next three years.

I don’t know about you, but I just stood up.

Read all of “Stand up — or die!

Contemplative in the Mud

Father Le GuillouWe must be transparent to Christ, in the light of the Holy Spirit, with the part of humour necessary. We must always have a bit of humour, because understanding presupposes humour!
Marie-Joseph Le Guillou OP (1920–1990)

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