Friday talker: James Bond will drink Heineken in the next 007 film, but this is all wrong

The next James Bond film, “Skyfall,” opens in the U.S. on Nov. 9.

Should we chatter about the surprising inclusion of Heineken as one of Bond’s beverages, or about French bombshell Berenice Marlohe as the latest Bond girl?

Because this column is devoted to alcohol, I have to spend my creative energies on Heineken….

I admit Heineken has a cool label – and a grade of D from – but I thought Bond was always a vodka martini guy. Pounding vodka and gin during an airline flight in “Quantum of Solace” fit Bond’s tough-guy personality.

But now, he’s going to drink a Heineken. I worry this softening of Bond’s edges could become a trend.

I could barely stand the triumph of political correctness in “Goldeneye,” when Pierce Brosnan (one of my wife’s all-time favorite actors because he looks so much like me) punched the lights out of a guy who was lighting a cigarette and said, “Filthy habit.”

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