Pew Research Center finds Americans more libertarian

Today’s New York Times Magazine, page 11: “A poll from the Pew Research Center highlights what seems like a paradox: voters are getting ‘more liberal’ on gay marriage and ‘more conservative’ on gun rights. Of course, it’s only paradoxical if you’re fixated on stale notions of left and right. With social issues, Americans in the online age are embracing a more libertarian concept of free expression, even where it violates party orthodoxy. What’s baffling is that neither party seems to get what’s going on.” — And what’s even more baffling is that the New York Times Magazine seems to think there are only two political parties, at least based on its use of the phrase “neither party.” Here’s a reasonable political alternative: the Libertarian Party. Thank you, Pew Research Center. And despite my previous snarky remark about the phrase “neither party,” thank you NYT Mag writer Matt Bai for pointing out the truth of current political views.


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