Leave the PCA, take a beating from oh-so-loving brothers

When Jason Stellman wrote a sincere and respectful letter to the Presbyterian Church in America about his decision to leave that denomination, the arrogant and hateful blowback from some members was so severe that he decided to stop blogging for a while just to keep his Christian composure.

I guess being Truly Reformed means never having to demonstrate the Fruits of the Spirit.

Your election to salvation is irrevocable, so you can act like a total shit.

And everyone else already has been damned or saved, so you don’t have to worry about your Christian witness. Just hold the occasional lecture on sovereignty and anticipate your great reward.

2 responses to “Leave the PCA, take a beating from oh-so-loving brothers

  1. Patricia Merrell

    Very interesting Colin.


  2. The hallmark of Reformed theology is arrogance, because, of course, God loves them best! They are simply modern day Torquemadas making sure that none stray from the true religion because if you not Reformed you haven’t really heard the “Gospel.” (And, yes, I do have issues too.)