Dear Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain

Dear Ruby Tuesday,

Having viewed a recent television advertisement for your restaurant chain, I have a question:

What is a “chef-inspired entree”?

Would you happened to have any “chef-made entrees”?

I confess I often make “non-chef-inspired entrees” for my children — you know, pre-prepared foods that just require a little time in the oven or the microwave.

2 responses to “Dear Ruby Tuesday restaurant chain

  1. I’ve started making a list of words that restaurants add to names that vault the foods to another category whether deserved or not, natural is a common, boring one but Sonoma is a fantastic adjective. I will order things just because it says Sonoma in the name. Also sea salt must make anything better; regular salt is so pase. The list goes on…..


    • That is so true — from Wendy’s to our Kirkland’s potato chips, Kristi and I seem to think that the sea salt on our carb-loaded starches somehow contributes health. You know, down here in the Myrtle Beach area, “Calabash” has been used a little too loosely to describe seafood.