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Dear friends, writers, and fellow CLMP members,

In his book Human Action, Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises wrote, “…to live implies both imperfection and change.”

With that, I will announce an (undoubtedly) imperfect decision to make an exciting change.

LiturgicalCredo will become an online journal of creative nonfiction written in the first person. We’ll consider all varieties of creative nonfiction of 1,000 words or less.

Of course, we will maintain all previously published poems and short stories on our site, at the same website addresses, so writers who have published in LiturgicalCredo need not fear the disappearance of their works and publishing credits.

I’m enthusiastic about this well-defined niche for online publishing. Then again, I found the decision difficult – and admittedly put it off for too long – because we have had numerous poetry submissions.

However, this new focus better fits my professional background, my graduate education, and my resources. I’m an ex-newspaper guy who loves a well-written personal essay, as well as memoir, cultural criticism, and experimental nonfiction.

Please let other writers and CLMP members know about this opportunity for publishing nonfiction (address submissions to

To my fellow CLMP members, if I can help you with Facebook page “likes,” Twitter “retweets,” or blog links, just let me know. I’m also available on LinkedIn.

All the best for your continued writing and publishing success,

Colin Burch
Editor & Publisher
Personal Twitter: @cfburch4
Publication Twitter: @liturgicalcredo

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