Obama, Chick-fil-A, and you

You voted for Obama, who until about 6 weeks ago publicly opposed gay marriage.

Now you’re mad at Chick-fil-A because the CEO, like candidate Obama did, publicly opposes gay marriage.

And now you’re excited that Boston and Chicago are trying to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening stores, which would provide jobs in a bad economy. Sure, why not start a precedent of local governments banishing businesses due to executives exhausting their First-Amendment rights?

(BTW, according to CNN, a smaller town prevented Starbucks from opening a store because of the company’s gay-friendly employment and HR policies, and that town’s decision was also stupid.)

Really, if you voted for Obama, be consistent and lay off Chick-fil-A.

For the record, I voted for the Libertarian Party ticket, which made clear its belief that adults should be allowed to define their relationships without government interference, a broader and more liberal stance than just support for gay marriage. Neither McCain nor Obama took that stand.

Now one question remains: If I buy some waffle fries, does it help or hurt the Obama economy?

I think the issue comes down to this: If gay marriage means that much to you, you should not have voted for Obama when you had the choice to vote for the Libertarian Party. You should have been a better informed voter.

Did you vote for Obama because he had more of a chance of “getting things done” than some quixotic third-party ticket?


Just realize that the Chick-fil-A CEO is “getting things done” for the Obama economy by running a wildly popular business.

If you compromised to vote for anti-gay-marriage-candidate Obama when gay marriage was your issue, then you can compromise to allow Chick-fil-A in your city.

I mean, don’t stand on your soapbox when you’re part of the problem.

Just. Don’t.


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  1. Sheer awesome! Thank you.


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