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In Coffee Run, Dave Bidini tastes the city one coffee shop at a time.

Back in the slow past, a friend from high school did what many of us had always dreamed of doing: he moved out of his parents’ Etobicoke highrise into the city. Not only that, but he settled in the best neighbourhood — Kensington Market — our destination every Saturday afternoon: hanging out at Black Market, Courage My Love, Quoc Tea (pronounced “Kowk Tay”), and Tiger’s Coconut Grove, which is where I once brought Joey Ramone, but that’s another story.

Our friend moved into his flat — a concrete add-on at the back of a falling down bungalow with a coldwater sink and roaches as big as Hot Wheels — in the late summer, so August and September were busy with endless gatherings in the boiling heat of the city, a half-dozen of us sitting shirtless against…

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