The Walking Dead: ‘Say the Word’

Spoilers follow!

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Are there two takes on America in The Walking Dead‘s latest episode?


Most of the gang is in a prison, which is a refuge.


But Andrea, who got separated from the gang at the end of last season, is with Michonne in a small, walled-in town that has become a self-sustaining community.


In either case, are they trapped inside safety? Ponder.


Another thing from tonight’s show: A clever way to hold up a mirror to me and the rest of The Walking Dead’s audience.


Toward the end of the episode, Andrea joins the town’s “governor” for some community entertainment.


But the entertainment turns out to be a wrestling match between five chained zombies — chained just far away from the human wrestlers to make tight, dangerous quarters for fighting.


Andrea tells the governor the entertainment is “barbaric,” but the governor says its the way the townsfolk “blow off steam.”


I think Andrea’s reaction might hold a reasonable critique of The Walking Dead. But I’ll keep watching.



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