The assault on motherhood in Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut

The shooter in Sandy Hook, Newtown, Connecticut, might have killed his own mother before allegedly killing 20 children and 6 adults at an elementary school.

The killings were an assault on the very essence of motherhood.

A psychologist interviewed by NBC News anchor Brian Williams suggested that the shooter might have been trying to kill another part of his own mother — not just her body, but the children she cared for, too.

The shooter did further damage to motherhood at the elementary school. The female principal, already a type of mother figure for her school, was Mom to two children of her own and three step-children. She likely was one of the first to be killed during the assault, based on CNN reports about the structure of the building. Presumably after that, 20 mothers lost children.

What creates in a young man such a vicious hatred of motherhood?

Then, the shooter apparently killed himself, throwing the gift of life — the life his mother had given him — back into her lifeless face.

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  1. It really sad.