East VS West? Young VS Old?

Tattoos and rites of passage —

Culture Monk



By Kenneth Justice

~ I was sitting at a coffee shop recently and overheard two women talking,

“I just don’t understand what it is with all these young people and their damn tattoos!” the first woman said.

“Yea, don’t they realize how ugly they are” her friend responded.

Personally, I find most tattoos to be rather cool. Although I don’t have any, I definitely don’t have a problem with them.

But I believe those two women missed something entirely about the subject; while tattoos are often about beauty and looks, more often than not tattoos represent a rite of passage.

In Western Culture the moment a young person goes from being a child to an adult has been entirely muddled. Many people who are well into their twenties, thirties and even forties often feel like their parents and relatives are still treating them like children.

The concept…

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