Bible-based cult leader sentenced today

Peter Moses Jr., former leader of the Black Hebrew Israelites, was given two life sentences today in a Durham, N.C., courtroom. (See local news channel video here.)

Notice the role of personal Bible study in this man’s life, as reported by the New York Daily News this afternoon:

From his house on Pear Tree Lane, Moses managed to closely monitor and control his five “wives.” The women called one another sisters, studied the Bible together and shared chores. They would periodically share Moses’ bed.

The women handed any money they earned over to their leader, while Moses sat at home and brooded over his theology.

In YouTube videos shown in court, Moses revealed the pillars of his faith. He preaches from the Bible and looks forward to an end time when he will be surrounded by servile women. He is certain that the black race will rise over all others.

Moses murdered a 4-year-old boy because he thought the kid was gay. He also murdered a “wife” who tried to escape.

I hope now my recent post about “Orthodox Anglicans” quoting Scripture will be understood as more relevant, urgent, and sane.