Episcopalians outlive other Anglicans and Protestants as a whole

"The Episcopal Church Welcomes You" ...to a slightly longer life.

Life expectancy” is a strange statistic, but hey, if official number-crunchers use it, then it must be useful for something.

Here are some global life-expectancy comparisons, in years, grouped by religious affiliation, based on data from the ICON Group International.


Males: 70
Females: 75

Protestants as a whole

Males: 67
Females: 73


Males: 73
Females: 80

Roman Catholics

Males: 67
Females: 73


2 responses to “Episcopalians outlive other Anglicans and Protestants as a whole

  1. This is an absurd statistical comparison. The Catholic Church is substantially larger than the whole of Protestantism (of which both Anglicans and Episcopalians are smaller subsets). Obviously, Catholic life expectancy is lower on account of factors entirely unrelated to faith or religious persuasion.