Storytelling makes us human

“They say language makes us human. That notion is being challenged as we discover that apes have language. Whales have language. I welcome them into our fold. I’m not threatened by them, quite frankly, because I think stories make us human. Only by telling them do we stay so.” — Jacqui Banaszynski, “Stories Matter,” in Telling True Stories: A Nonfiction Writer’s Guide 

I really love Telling True Stories and highly recommend it. Perhaps the book should have been subtitled A Narrative Nonfiction Writer’s Guide. I’m a MFA who focused on creative nonfiction, and I’ve found dozens of gems in Telling True Stories.

Last summer, when Nora Ephron died, I posted part of her contribution to the book. You can read an excerpt of her essay “What Narrative Writers Can Learn from Screenwriters” here.

A 'Saint' in Mundane Clothing

A ‘Saint’ in Mundane Clothing (Photo credit: Robert Burdock)

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