Bishop and several masculine pronouns hook up, thanks to Charleston newspaper

In an otherwise great article about Bishop Charles vonRosenberg (who today confirmed my eldest daughter), the Post and Courier of Charleston, S.C., allowed several third-person-singular-male pronouns to hook-up with Bishop Gene Robinson.

A Charleston reporter forces Bishop Robinson to hook up with several "he"s

You’ve really got to watch who your pronouns refer to. (Also, never end a sentence with a preposition.)

The “he” at the beginning of the second pictured paragraph (above) should have been a reintroduction of vonRosenberg’s name.

Well, if journalists don’t need a good dose of Christian forgiveness, no one does.


2 responses to “Bishop and several masculine pronouns hook up, thanks to Charleston newspaper

  1. When I read things like this – and it is common for references not to be clear on the front page of our local newspaper – I usually chalk it up to the editor who cut a sentence here and there to make it fit. The worst is when they switch back and forth to refer a person by their full name and then their last name only when there are multiple people who have the same last name.
    Must be a side-effect of the miracle of a paper being produced on time….


    • True — each edition of a newspaper is a one-time-only product. No two editions are alike. Making a different product each day, with no mistakes, is quite hard. I made my share of mistakes for The Sun News!