Abandoning All Hope.

This is an outstanding analysis of the fundamentalist subculture in which the late Isaac Hunter lived — both peculiarities of the fundamentalist subculture and the subculture’s unwillingness to encourage people to get help for mental illnesses.

Roll to Disbelieve

One of the greatest of all the benefits of Christianity is supposed to be hope. So why do so many Christians seem to lack it?

Today we’re going to look at the very sad case of a Christian man who lost hope, and we’re going to talk about some things that lead Christians to lose hope.

Isaac Hunter died this week of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after a series of astonishing revelations and events in his personal life. I am not happy about this death or about any of the other recent publicized suicides among Christian pastors and their families. I join Mr. Hunter’s family and his community in mourning this absolutely tragic and unthinkable loss. I am not glorifying it in any way or claiming it as a victory for anybody. It is not. This event is in every conceivable way a loss and we should not be rejoicing…

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