Whoops! How do celebs who wanted to #StandWithWendy feel about Davis now?

HEY! Ask yourself what, exactly, is the problem here? Is it a politician’s hypocrisy? Or is it the celebrities’ gushing, uncritical acceptance of political rhetoric that (surprise!) had no actual bearing on a campaign platform? From whatever angle you see the problem, in the other culture, in the parallel culture of the anointed ones, this essentially embarrassing moment will not be critiqued or analyzed. None of the anointed ones will call-out Wendy Davis, or challenge the easily triggered celebrities. That’s because only when positions and public stands blow up in the faces of un-anointed people will the parallel culture apply its latent analytical skills. Outsiders like myself — passive anarchists who are sick of puff fish in politics and entertainment — appreciate sober-minded third-party types.


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