The Many Valuable Lessons I Learned in ATI: Laura’s Story

Linked below, ladies and gentlemen, is a multifaceted example of what happens when people really, really get to know their Bibles. Take note: the founder and leader of the described organization memorized entire chapters of the Bible. Mainlines churches just need more Bible so they can make sure their kids stop wearing denim and their women don’t use tampons, because all these things become apparent if you just really get to know the Word. This is what really, really, actually happens when people get into the Bible. The craziness ONLY HAS BIBLE SATURATION AS ITS SOURCE. Read the post — the guy doesn’t ALLOW anything but the Bible. For the record, I attended one of Bill Gothard’s “Institute of Basic Youth Conflicts” multi-day conferences, and a close friend forwarded me this post to explain what she experienced in Gothard’s ATI.

Homeschoolers Anonymous

HA notes: The author’s name has been changed to ensure anonymity. “Laura” is a pseudonym.

The 14 years I spent as a student in ATI taught me many valuable lessons for my life. Here are some of the highlights:

* Parents are always right.

* Men are always right. Therefore, your father is double-right.

* Getting out from under the “umbrella of authority” means you will have many problems, including being raped. (Not sure what the warning is for boys who get out from under their umbrellas. I’m a girl so always heard the rape thing.) The fiery darts of Satan will have nothing to stop them from hitting you. We all know that an umbrella is the best possible analogy because their thin, flammable fabric is the perfect substance with which to stop fiery darts.

* If your umbrella – dad or husband – has holes, then Satan will…

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