Narcissistic marketing? Celebrity worship?

After all the controversy regarding his books, his use of sources, and his decision to pay a service to push his book sales onto the bestseller list, Pastor Mark Driscoll decided to change his ways (the self-flattery in the letter is another matter).

And yet pause for a moment on the image below. I received an email with this (see below) promo on Thursday, four days after Easter. The shirt actually has “Pastor Mark Driscoll” on the front. So the event is over, the time has passed, and Mars Hill Church is trying to unload t-shirts for $13. Does anyone else feel like this situation just doesn’t look right or feel right?

Here’s a guy who doesn’t understand basic plagiarism ethics — yet is starting an academic seminary — and nearly admitted he doesn’t have any business leading anything (other than, as I might suggest, sensationalist shock programming for MTV and Spike).

But, if you’ve sipped the Kool-Aid, you’ll think it’s cool to have this guy’s name on your chest. Wow.






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