Could the evangelical crisis come from misguided outreach?

Note, 5:15 p.m. Eastern, June 12: Please also see my clarification regarding the first version of this post. 

For the most part, evangelicals have demonstrated themselves to be more interested in people who go to sports bars than people who go to museums.

That would probably be great if most evangelicals actually were going to sports bars rather than rapidly proliferating “contemporary worship services” on the pretense that the only thing keeping people from church is public order and pipe organs.

What if evangelicals offered as many soup kitchens as contemporary worship services? That would offer needy people something they actually need, rather than provide middle class families with more entertainment options.

Of course, that’s a bunch of generalization. Keep your contemporary worship service if you like it. But maybe the same energy and effort could answer specific, vital needs.


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  1. Good thoughts. I just noticed your “pledge to read the printed word”, and added it to my blog too! I can’t believe the code worked and I was able to place it on my blog. I’m not tech savvy, and several times in the past I’ve tried to add something like this and it did not work.


    • Thanks for reading! And I’m so glad you found that pledge. I think it’s important to keep the actual, physical book alive — and magazines and newspapers, too. (And I’m also glad the WordPress platform makes it easy to place some of the code on the blogs.) All the best!


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