McCain’s Alternate Reality

This following post from Andrew Sullivan’s The Dish explains the dismal failure of intervention — and the stunning lack of perspective among “hawkish” politicians. (Note the $2 trillion price tag for “liberating” Iraq, which at least one senator said would be paid for by Iraqi oil.)

The Dish

McCain ludicrously claims we  had “won” in Iraq before Obama pulled out:

Waldman remembers how frequently McCain has been wrong:

McCain does provide something important to journalists: whatever the issue of the moment is, he can be counted on to offer angry, bitter criticism of the Obama administration, giving the “balance” every story needs. The fact that he has never demonstrated the slightest bit of understanding of Iraq is no bar at all to being the most quoted person on the topic.

For context, here’s a nice roundup of some of the things McCain said when he was pushing to invade Iraq in the first place.

When asked if Iraqis were going to greet us as liberators, he answered, “Absolutely.” He said, “Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq is going to be paid for by the Iraqis” with their oil wealth (the war ended up costing the American taxpayer upwards of $2 trillion). And…

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