Life with Rockets

Living north of Tel Aviv:
“Friends with children ages 2-4 try to make the sirens into a game: ‘That’s when we all go out to chat with the neighbors!'”

A World without Maps

The sirens began ringing at 9:20 a.m. this morning.

Usually, they sound a little distant, as though what I’m hearing is from the next town over. We live in Herzliya, a town to the north of Tel Aviv, on the outskirts of where Hamas is supposed to be able to hit with its missiles. We don’t hear as many sirens as people who live in Tel Aviv, and much, much fewer than those who live in the south of Israel, closer to the Gazan border.

But this time, the sirens were loud.

I hesitated. My son, who had a high fever, had just fallen asleep in his room. Should I wake him? Is there really a chance of being hit? We live on the top floor of our building, true, but …

Then I heard the first BOOM. It’s the sound, usually, of the Iron Dome defense system intercepting the…

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