Propaganda Posters of WW1

British propaganda posters during World War I.

Cemetery Club

by Christina

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When Britain went to war in 1914, it only had a small, professional army. There was no policy of national service in place as there was in countries like France and Germany. Before the introduction of Conscription in 1916, Britain had to rely on volunteers for it’s army, and that’s where recruitment posters came in. Britain produced scores of these – the first were intended to show the glory of war and appealed to those with an enthusiastic and adventurous spirit. Then came posters that urged men to do their ‘duty’, and then some that played on other emotions, like shame and guilt.

There Are Three Types of Men  1915 There Are Three Types of Men

Women of Britain Say 'Go!' by E J Kealey 1915 Women of Britain Say ‘Go!’ by E J Kealey 1915

Daddy, What did You do in the Great War? by Savile Lumley 1914 Daddy, What…

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