Ben Affleck’s Heartbreaking Farewell: Robin Williams Made ‘My Dreams Come True’

“Good Will Hunting” was nominated for Best Original Screenplay as the 1998 Academy Awards approached. At the time, I was spending three months at L’Abri Fellowship in Greatham, an hour south of London. I had already seen the movie twice. I had told my wife Kristi and new friends met at L’Abri, “If ‘Good Will Hunting’ doesn’t win Best Original Screenplay, I’ll never pay attention to the Academy Awards again.” Of course, Robin Williams played a counselor and mentor to Matt Damon, who co-wrote the film with Ben Affleck. In many ways, the movie mirrored where I was and what I was going through. As if the deeply human performances by Robin Williams in “Good Morning Vietnam,” “The Fisher King,” “Dead Poet’s Society,” “Patch Adams,” and “Jumanji!” weren’t enough, I’ll always be grateful for the assurance I received from “Good Will Hunting” and the onscreen relationship between Damon and Williams.

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So sad. After hearing the tragic news of Robin Williams’ death on Aug. 11, Ben Affleck, who starred with the 63-year-old actor in ‘Good Will Hunting,’ paid tribute to the man who he credits as making, ‘my dreams come true.’ In the touching statement, Ben references the iconic bench scene in their movie, calling Robin, ‘chief.’ Read on for all the heartbreaking details.

Ben Affleck, 41, released a heartfelt and emotional statement about his Good Will Hunting co-star, Robin Williamswho tragically passed away at the age of 63, on August, 11. The director paid a moving tribute to the man who he says made, “my dreams come true.” Read below to see Ben’s message.

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