Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches you how to slander!

In this free document made available through the generous support of Warren Throckmorton, you’ll learn all of Pastor Mark Driscoll’s techniques on how to slander!

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Below, you’ll find just a few quick tips and highlights from a manuscript compiled by 21 former pastors who didn’t want these nuggets of wisdom cast aside.

This collection is sure to become another Mark Driscoll New York Times Bestseller.

In these Driscoll originals, you’ll learn how to…

promote yourself

“You think you’re the Resurgence. But, you’re not the brand. I’m the brand!”

Stick to your convictions

“I don’t give a shit what you think.”

exercise strong leadership

“…his fat ass is not the image we want for our church.”

Take real action

“I’ll tear his church down brick by brick.”

And there’s more! Download the Formal Charges document today — and start learning Driscoll’s ruthless, self-promoting, anti-ecumenical, corporate approach to faith.

Remember — you must increase, and everyone else must decrease!

5 responses to “Pastor Mark Driscoll teaches you how to slander!

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  4. Your Driscoll obsession is a little frightening on it’s own. Bullying, or Bitter. Which is worse? Gossiping? Sounds like there is a plethora of problems with everyone on this subject. This type of approach to fix a problem, is worse then the problem. But I’m sure it helps your Blog. That’s what this is really all about? Isn’t it?


    • Yes, G. Gust, I earn approximately $1 million annually by blogging about religion in post-religion America. It’s far more profitable than blogging about Nascar or the NFL, that’s for sure.

      You mean worse “than” the problem, not “then.”

      As a cult survivor who once had physical black-and-blue bruises to demonstrate the problem with arrogant “Christian” leaders, I am very interested in helping people avoid cultic and unhealthy leadership. I’m sick and tired of people like you reflexively defending plagiarism and bullying. “Gossip” doesn’t involve evidence. Twenty-one former pastors means gossip? In that case, you wouldn’t be convinced by 2,100 former pastors.

      I also blog about Islamic State because I have an “obsession” that’s truly “frightening” — I disagree with beheading. Maybe that offends you, but if so, I hear Islamic State is taking recruits, so maybe you’re in luck.

      Quit hiding behind that stupid pseudonym and own your comments like a man.