George Will is an atheist??

I had read George Will was an agnostic, but that was several years ago. I know he had given a favorable blurb to the Roman Catholic magazine New Oxford Review, and had mentioned C.S. Lewis somewhat favorably in his column collection, “The Pursuit of Happiness and Other Tory Notions.” As for pro-life atheism, he has at least one other fellow traveler, Nat Hentoff.

Why Evolution Is True

How many of you thought George Will was a Catholic? I bet it’s not only me.  He’s long been a politically conservative columnist critical of “pro-choice” people, and I swear that, when I lived in the Washington, D.C. area, it was “common knowledge” that will was a Catholic.

But common knowledge was wrong. Will is in fact a longtime atheist, and although I generally dislike his conservative views (he has some progressive ones, too), I give him credit for saying he’s not an agnostic, but a genuine atheist.

Or so he admits in an interview on baseball, politics, and faith at Real Clear Religion. The interview ranges widely, including Will’s favorite baseball team, the Chicago Cubs, but here’s what is of interest to us.

RCR: Do you believe in God?

GW: No. I’m an atheist. An agnostic is someone who is not sure; I’m pretty sure. I…

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