Auctions, Museums and Fossils

Excellent piece in which Errol Fuller deals with ethics, academics, and dinosaurs, originally from the Huffington Post:

Emilio Cogliani


On November 26 an auction house operating from a small village named Billingshurst in southern England will try to sell the entire fossilized skeleton of a Mammoth. Last year the same auction house — an enterprise called Summers Place — successfully sold a fossil Dinosaur — (a Diplodocus) that had been found in Wyoming and somehow made its way to the same sleepy English village. How do I know this? Because on both occasions I was asked to help mount (if that is the correct word) these fossils — to change them from being piles of disconnected bones into imposing structures conforming to their original gigantic shapes. Similar sales of prehistoric creatures happen from time to time at other auction premises, although usually in large cities like New York, London, Paris or Los Angeles rather than out-of-the-way villages in the heart of the English countryside.

And always such sales bring…

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