Jewish Community President in Paris compares his situation to German Jews under Third Reich

Roger Krieman, identified by this evening’s NBC Nightly News as the “Jewish Community President” in Paris, tells reporter Richard Engel:

You know, many people are very attached to French culture. But on the other hand, you think about the German Jews. The optimists went to Auschwitz, and the pessimists went to New York.

In his report, Engel introduced that segment of his interview with Krieman by saying the leader thinks “many” Parisian Jews might leave France.

Then, sitting across from Krieman, Engel asked, “Can you survive this wave of anti Semitism, of targeted anti-Jewish violence?”

Engel was referring to the recent terrorist attack on a kosher grocery store not long after the terrorist attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.

Krieman’s response was to mention the German Jews.



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