‘The Exodus’ — NBC Nightly News airs follow-up to last night’s comparison of French Jews with WWII-era German Jews

Yesterday, NBC Nightly News aired a report by Richard Engel in which a Jewish Community President in Paris made the shocking comparison between today’s French Jews living with the threat of radical Muslims and German Jews living under the Third Reich.

Tonight, NBC’s Bill Neely filed a follow-up report from Paris. As anchor Brian Williams introduced the report, the title for the segment evoked a striking biblical image: “The Exodus.”

Bill Neely:

France has the largest Jewish population in Europe, half a million. It also has the largest Muslim population, 5 million. Many Jews feel under threat. Some feel radical Islamists want to wipe them out.

Then the report goes to Neely’s interview with a Jewish woman on the street:

Woman: “I want to leave France.”

Neely: “You don’t feel safe.”

Woman: “I don’t feel safe.”

Another Jewish woman, inside a shop, tells Neely (through a thick accent), “We feel in a war here, when you go in the street and you see all the police.”

Then Neely lists reasons for their concerns.

In 2012, seven people killed when a Muslim extremist attacked a Jewish school in France.

In 2014, a French Muslim murdered four people at a Jewish museum in Brussels.

Neely says 2014 was “a year when Jews were attacked more in France than anywhere else in Europe, the year Israel took in more Jews from France than from any other country.”

In the report, Nathan Sharansky, director of The Jewish Agency for Israel, says, “In Paris, with this feeling, they have to be very careful not to draw attention to themselves as the Jews.”

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