Village elders in India set up PA system so volunteers can report people who defecate outside

Geez! This problem was already addressed in Deuteronomy! Look:

National Post | News

DELHI — Elders in India have set up a public address system and a network of informers to catch villagers with their pants down in a new campaign against open defecation.

According to environmentalists, India is drowning in its own waste. More than half a billion people have no access to a lavatory and use local fields, railway tracks and jungle thickets instead.

The prevalence of open defecation is blamed for the high number of children who die from sanitation diseases – India accounts for 334,000 of the 750,000 children who die every year worldwide from diarrhoea-related illnesses.

Its new government announced last year that it would spend $727-million to make sure every home in the country has its own lavatory by 2019, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi.

Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images  Roberto Schmidt / AFP / Getty Images

But according to campaigners, many of the new lavatories are unused…

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