Nicolas Cage To Star As Osama Bin Laden-Hunter In ‘Army Of One’

Nicolas Cage is going to portray Gary Faulkner in a movie.

For context, here’s an excerpt from a 2010 TIME magazine report on Gary Faulkner:

“The 52-year old American was arrested in a forest in northwestern Pakistan while trying to cross into Afghanistan’s wooded Nuristan province, a known lair of Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters. Police thought he was joking about hunting bin-Laden until they searched Faulkner and found a pistol, a 40-inch sword, a dagger, a pair of handcuffs, a small chunk of hashish, and Christian literature (presumably for his own inspiration rather than to convert the al-Qaeda leader).”

You can read the entire TIME article here:,8599,1998036,00.html .


Nicolas Cage is set to star in Army of One, the bizarre true tale of Gary Faulkner’s mission to single-handedly hunt down Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. Borat‘s Larry Charles is directing the Condé Nast Entertainment and Endgame Entertainment production inspired by a 2010 GQ article about Faulker, the Colorado man who made headlines, and hit the late show circuit, for his quest to take down al Qaeda’s #1. Bob and Harvey Weinstein acquired North American rights to Army of One for their TWC-Dimension label after relaunching it with the international hit Paddington. Pic is scripted by Scott Rothman and Rajiv Joseph (Draft Day). Filming will begin in Q1 of this year.

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