Questions for Anglicans and Episcopalians

Bishop Greg Brewer of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida has resigned from the Board of Trustees of Trinity School of Ministry.

The resignation is related to turmoil following his decision to baptize the adopted child of a same-sex couple.

In his resignation letter, Brewer writes:

“I am aware that in this heated climate of theological and moral controversy, there are fewer and fewer places within Anglicanism where we can agree to disagree.”

A question for Anglicans and Episcopalians:

If you cannot agree to disagree among yourselves, how are you going to bring new people into the church?

Maybe that question should be pondered at the current Episcopal General Convention.

The more conservative people ought to ask themselves, “How could a newcomer sing ‘Just As I Am’ in our church?”

The more liberal people ought to ask themselves, “What makes our church different from other types of social gatherings?”

The more conservative people could also ask themselves, “What makes our Anglican church distinctive from other forms of conservative, Bible-quoting Christianity?”


I recently heard a radio program about Howard Zinn, who wrote a play entitled, Marx in Soho. One of the characters asks something to the effect of, “Why is it that every movement of six people is trying to expel someone?”


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