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Funeral mass for Iraqi Archbishop

As we reported yesterday with the help of our affiliate Compass Direct News, the Chaldean Catholic Archbishop of Mosul, Paulus Faraj Rahho, was found dead Thursday, two weeks after he was kidnapped.

Mourners attended a two-hour funeral mass today.

During the mass, “The patriarch of Iraq’s Chaldean Catholic church, Emmanuel III Delly, tearfully urged Christians on Friday not to seek revenge for the death of the archbishop of Mosul, whose body was found in a shallow grave two weeks after being kidnapped,” reported AFP in this article.

The BBC has a brief story here.

Reuters UK has more details here.

Chaldean Christians belong to a branch of the Roman Catholic Church. An estimated 800,000 Chaldean Christians live in Iraq.

Death of Iraqi Archbishop fuels speculation

ISTANBUL — An Iraqi archbishop kidnapped and held for ransom for 14 days has been found dead in northern Iraq in what appears to be an attempt to force Christians out of the city, church leaders said. The body of Chaldean Archbishop of Mosul, Paulus Faraj Rahho, was recovered at approximately 2 p.m. in Mosul , Kirkuk ’s Chaldean leader Louis Sako said. “They found him just a half hour ago, and now they have taken him to the hospital for the analysis,” Sako told Compass Direct News. “We don’t know when he was killed.” A medical examiner at Mosul ’s morgue told The Associated Press that the archbishop’s body showed no signs of being shot. A priest in Mosul told Compass Direct News today that the real motive for impossible ransom demands and the archbishop’s killing was to push the Christians out of the city. “They are pressuring us to leave Mosul and leave our church,” said the priest. “And many families in Mosul are afraid, because if they killed the bishops and priests, then…”

-Compass Direct News